EDA Land Planning is a landscape architecture firm in Utah that specializes in the planning and design of recreational parks, cemeteries, master-planned communities, commercial sites, and other urban areas.

Building stunning places that people would love to go to or live in always starts with a design. North America’s natural landscape is beautiful on its own. Our job is to create a design that responds to the needs of the owner and target users, as well as fit and highlight the natural characteristics of the land.

Our team is composed of landscape architects and urban planners with years of experience handling land development projects in and out of Utah. Each project is unique, but we turn this into an advantage. A new set of challenges always pushes our team to be more creative and innovative with our designs.

No matter the scope of your project, we’re ready to handle it. Our expertise ranges from site analysis, master planning, and conceptual design to 3D computer modeling and graphic presentation.

Count on us to deliver design solutions that improve the human experience and foster a sense of community. We want to help you encourage more people to enjoy the outdoors and our land’s natural beauty while experiencing the ease and convenience of a well-designed urban park, cemetery, or commercial center.

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About Us

EDA Land Planning is a landscape architecture firm specializing in the planning and design of cemeteries, parks, trails, residential communities, resorts, urban areas, and commercial sites.

We create places that enhance the human experience and fit the natural landscape. Our designs respond to the needs of the owner, the users, and the land in a scientific and artful application of analysis, planning, and design.

Who we serve

Over the years, we’ve delivered planning and design services to a diverse clientele. We’ve contributed to the creation of many beautiful cemeteries and astonishing recreational parks across the US. Our landscape architects have paved the way for the construction of remarkable commercial centers in and out of Utah. We also take pride in our partnership with various municipalities, cities, and communities that lead us to design vibrant, innovative public spaces that energize people and economies.

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Site Analysis

We analyze the site’s existing conditions, including views and boundaries, to look for potential issues.

Stakeholder and Public Input Meetings

We facilitate meetings where project stakeholders or the public can weigh in on the project’s initial plans.

Master Planning and Conceptual Design

We create a master plan and conceptual designs to help direct the development of your project.

Project Theming

Banking on our expertise, we develop a theme to guide all the aspects of your design.

Entitlement Process

We help you gain the approval of the governing agency to give the green light to your development plans.  

Construction Documents

Let our team prepare the construction plan, grading plan, and other documents your contractor needs.

Cost Analysis

With our cost analysis based on the completed design, you can easily set your construction budget.

Graphic Presentation

We provide renderings in plan, elevation, or section view to show your project vision to stakeholders.  

3-D Computer Modeling

See your project come to life even before it’s physically constructed through our 3D renderings.

Construction Observation

We visit your construction site, evaluate the development, and provide clarification or additional input.


EDA Land Planning is composed of a team of landscape architects, urban planners, draftsmen, and other brilliant professionals in the architecture and urban planning industry. Get to know our team today.