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At EDA Land Planning, we’re dedicated to creating artful landscapes that highlight the beauty of natural environments, foster a sense of community, and provide an exceptional experience. No matter the scope of work, our firm is ready to deliver landscape design solutions that are both practical and engaging. 

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EDA Land Planning collaborates with public and private-sector clients to plan and design vibrant, innovative outdoor spaces that define communities and energize economies. Our approach is to strike a balance between functionality and sustainability. We want to bring out the innate beauty of the site’s natural landscape while keeping the area engaging and compelling for the intended users.

Over the years, we’ve paved the way for the creation of some of the most beautiful parks, resorts, streetscapes, and commercial centers throughout North America. Our project experience includes:

Landscape Design

As landscape architects, we work with a canvas that’s organically changing over time. We play that to our advantage by creating functional outdoor spaces that still shine no matter the season. We also use landscape design to enhance the flow of traffic on site and foster an active lifestyle among users.

Urban Planning

From retail streetscapes to neighborhood parks, our work in urban planning improves the quality of city life. We’ve worked with cities in Nevada and Utah to create innovative, sustainable solutions that balance the growing population density with the need for more open, green community spaces.

Landscape Restoration

Whether it’s an overgrown park, an unused parking lot, or a damaged nature trail, we’re ready to restore it. With years of experience in landscape design and urban planning, our team of landscape architects is prepared to bring once-neglected lots to life and turn them into spaces that the community can enjoy.

Commercial Developments

Resorts, golf clubs, and sports complexes need proper landscape planning and design to achieve spaces that offer comfort, convenience, and relaxation to users. Count on our landscape architectural firm to provide a stunning landscape design for your commercial development project.

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