About us

EDA Land Planning is a landscape architecture firm specializing in the planning and design of cemeteries, parks, trails, residential communities, resorts, urban areas, and commercial sites.

We create places that enhance the human experience and fit the natural landscape. Our designs respond to the needs of the owner, the users, and the land in a scientific and artful application of analysis, planning, and design.

Our mission is to be skillful, creative, and responsive in the design process to create a superior product. Our clients and the land are our first responsibility and we believe in being enthusiastic and passionate about the land and the design possibilities. Each project is unique and presents challenges and opportunities for innovative design.

We believe strongly in creating partnerships that provide a talented combination of professionals for the client. Well planned and designed projects fit the landscape and allow people to enjoy the outdoor environment and its natural beauty. Our goal is to make the design seem as though it was meant to be there!

Our projects range from cemetery development to full master plans for resorts and communities. Our experience includes cemetery planning and design, community planning, regional and community park master plans, and commercial projects.