Designing Beautiful Cemeteries

EDA Land Planning is a firm of cemetery landscape architects who believe memorial parks should be beautiful spaces that foster contemplation and provide comfort and support to the bereaved. We work closely with you to deliver design concepts that combine our approach to cemetery development with your project vision. Let’s talk about cemetery planning and design today.

A cemetery is a vital part of a community. It is a repository of the history of the place, including the remarkable stories of people who spent their lives within the community. Our approach to planning and designing a cemetery is to build on the unique character of the space and the local town, county, or city around it.

To maximize value and start your cemetery project on solid ground we develop a great plan with innovative design solutions.

Our project experience covers:

Cemetery Master Plans​

Planning a new cemetery starts with site analysis and feasibility studies. From there, we work on design proposals that detail how the entire site will be used and where amenities will be built. Master planning also includes creating designs and layouts for roads, drainages, and other maintenance needs.

Cemetery Lawn Burial Garden​

New burial development presents unique challenges. Our landscape architects rely on decades of experience to turn those challenges into opportunities to deliver innovative design concepts. Our landscape architects have designed many fascinating cemetery lawn burial gardens in and beyond Utah; now’s the time to do the same for your project.

Cemetery Estate Garden

If your project entails mausoleums, gated estates, or hedge estates, leave the design process to our expert hands. Our landscape architects will make sure these “cemeteries within a cemetery” will blend with the design of the rest of the space. We’ll also work closely with you to make sure that our design and plan express your vision.

Cemetery Cremation Garden

Unlike traditional memorial parks, cremation gardens are often designed to resemble the natural beauty of the area while creating special places of comfort and remembrance for the bereaved families. We know how to bring out the beauty of natural landscapes; trust us to produce a magnificent cremation garden design.

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